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  • Anthurium


    This exotic little baby is a dramatic tropical flower, generally used alone, or in contemporary floral designs with other exotic flowers.  The bloom makes a strong focal point.

  • Vanda Orchid


    Forget generic supermarket orchids, these vibrant babes are their punky younger sister. Fragrant, long-lasting and oh so vibrant we love them clustered with berries and tropical blooms or on their own, en-masse in eclectic vases.

  • Spray Rose


    Spray Roses offer mini roses, en-masse that act as a bouquet all on their own. These enchanting miniature roses come with 5-6 perfect mini rose heads per stem. They make cluster magic when snipped and tucked into tight vintage arrangements or make for provincial perfection styled simply on their own.

  • Rose


    One can never have enough Roses. These superstars of the flower world look amazing used any which way, clustered up on their own, or styled up with other blooms. You haven’t lived until you’ve woken up to the smell of fresh roses wafting through your home.

  • Monstera Leaf


    Monstera leaves are a wide tropical foliage in a striking green hue. These leaves last longer than expected you would expect and have a beautiful wide shape, which frames any bouquet they are used in. Monstera leaves also look striking on their own.

  • Gymea Leaf


    Large and in charge, Gymea leaves are long, glossy and very flexible. Gymea is versatile and works with almost any kind of floral arranging.

  • Matricaria


    Pleasant and aromatic, Matricaria belongs to the Daisy family making her an instant favourite in our books. Use as a filler flower in bohemian bunches, flower crowns and floral installations.

  • Magnolia Leaf


    Magnolia trees produce delicious dark green, oval shaped leaves with a golden underside. They look stunning with just about all flower especially tulips and sunflowers. Add to a bouquet to make it extra tall.

  • Lisianthus


    Little miss Lisianthus is the prettiest girl in school with her delicate cup shaped, multi-petaled blossoms. She opens into a rose-like bloom and works well in a wide range of arrangements, a perfect all-rounder.

  • Ivy Berry


    Create an enchanted, Midsummer Night’s Dream vibe using Ivy Berry. With it’s relaxed, nonchalant branches it’s the perfect filler option. Cluster stems of it between moody roses, dahlias or even team it with juicy tropical blooms.



  • Happy Leaf


    Happy Leaf makes everyone happy!  Use as an understated arrangement on its own at your next dinner party or as the perfect filler option.

  • Fan Palm


    The darling of tropical gardens Australia-wide, the Fan Palm is a super-lush and versatile arranging option. Use on its own or teamed with rich, jewel coloured blooms.

  • Eucalyptus


    Eucalyptus is pretty much the Beyonce of foliage (meaning she can literally do anything). Use in romantic arrangements, thrown into oversized vessels, work into installations and wreaths or use en-masse in giant native bouquets.

  • Emile


    Let’s take a moment to appreciate the bohemian beauty of Emile. Add a few stems to a ceramic or vintage apothecary style vase or use it as a filler in just about any type of arrangement.



  • Dusty Miller


    With silvery coloured leaves that feel silky to touch, Dusty Miller is the best friend of the rustic theme. Dusty Miller looks beautifully romantic when  paired with pastel coloured blooms.